Luxury Contour & Skincare Pack

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A very effective combination of two components, a herbal based gel which is quickly absorbed by the skin and thermal wraps to increase the blood circulation. Body Reform is particularly beneficial to the hips, thighs, arms,  legs and stomach area. Contours are accentuated as the skin becomes firmer. You look and feel slimmer. Treat yourself from the comfort of your own home. Measure the area to be wrapped Simply apply a thin film of the Body Reform Herbal Gel which contains a combination of precious oils and herbal extracts into the problem area. Apply the herbal gel wherever the thermal wrap meets the skin. i.e. for the stomach area cover the front, sides and back with herbal gel. Next, wrap the area of treatment with the special thermal re-usable wrap provided. Then sit back and relax while the combination of herbal gel helped by the thermal wraps, goes to work with the body's natural fluids. Unwrap 90 minutes later and re-measure to see your results. A pack for whole body pampering. The Body Reform Contouring quick inch loss pack plus one each of our wonderful creams. Neck & Decolletage Complex for daily use. Eye Contour & Face Cream for daily use around the delicate eye area and face. 
* 2 x Standard Thermal Wraps
* 2 x Thermal Arm Wraps
* 1 x Herbal Gel 250ml
* 1 x Eye Contour & Face Cream 150ml
* 1 x Neck & Decolletage Complex 150ml
* 1 x Luxury Vanity Bag
* 1 x Tape Measure and Leaflet

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