Contour Combination Pack

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Body Reform Herbal Gels and Body Sculpture Thigh Cream Body Reform Herbal Gel This pleasant smelling herbal gel is a combination of herbal extracts. Use with the thermal wraps for inch loss. Measure the area to be wrapped Cover the area where inch loss is required with a thin film of gel and then wrap. Apply the herbal gel wherever the thermal wrap meets the skin. i.e. for the stomach area cover the front, sides and back with herbal gel. Relax for 90 minutes, then unwrap and re-measure to see your results Can be used alone on difficult to wrap areas (like the chin) by applying nightly for a longer period, giving a slow but sure tightening and smoothing of the skin. Body Sculpture Thigh Cream A non greasy formulation enriched with wheat germ oil and rich in vitamin E, that will gradually contour and minimise the effect of cellulite. Your skin will feel softer, look firmer and less dimpled. Directions: approximately 1 teaspoon of cream massaged into the area twice daily. Apply anytime, but preferably after a bath or shower. Suitable for all skin types. Instant inch loss and long term thigh smoothing in the same pack.    
2 x Herbal Gel 250ml (each), 1 x Body Sculpture Thigh Cream 150ml

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